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Tony's Surveys

There are over 31,000 email addresses on the database to receive my weekly Tony’s View publication. Each month I conduct five specifically focussed surveys inviting all or an industry-specific subset of these recipients to gain real-time insight into what is happening in the New Zealand economy.

These coalface surveys of 

Give us immediate insights into what is happening in some instances 2-3 months before other data sources reveal market changes. In particular, the surveys allow us to pinpoint shifts in the residential real estate market well ahead of other analysts.

For four of the surveys results are posted on the sponsor’s website and the Spending Plans Survey has a PDF available in the Spending Plans Survey below.

Survey Details

As featured in NZHL

Tony Alexander Real Estate Survey

Each month, with the sponsorship of NZHL, I invite licensed real estate agents in New Zealand to give their coalface insights in areas such as auction attendance, demand from investors and first home buyers, key factors concerning buyers and motivating investors. This survey produces the only measures in New Zealand of both FOMO – fear of missing out – and FOOP – fear of over-paying. We can spot explicitly market shifts from favouring buyers to favouring sellers and can break down all results for all bar the smallest regions around the country.

As featured in Sharesies

Sharesies & Tony Alexander Investing Insights

Each quarter I invite all readers of my weekly publications to give their thoughts regarding management of their wealth portfolios. We ask which assets they are considering buying and which they are considering selling. We seek insight into demand for varying types of commercial property, how share purchases are undertaken, whether conservative or aggressive managed funds are preferred and so on.

From the survey we can gain insight into shifts in demand for assets such as cryptos, businesses, residential property, and especially shares. For shares we also gain insight into sectoral preferences.

The survey is sponsored by Sharesies and latest results are available here.

Crockers & Tony Alexander Investor Insights

Each month we survey residential property investors on my emailing list and those who are clients of Crockers Property Management. We gain insight into property purchase and sale intentions, rent change desires, the ease with which good tenants can be found, intentions of buying new versus existing dwellings, mortgage repayment plans, and the type of dwelling preferred.

The results are available from this Crockers Property Management landing page.

Tony Alexander featured in & Tony Alexander Mortgage Adviser Survey

Each month we invite mortgage advisers identified from the list of my email subscribers to give their thoughts on advisory demand from investors and first home buyers, and mortgage term preferences of buyers. We provide the only monthly guide towards changes in bank lending policies based upon the comments which advisers make regarding changes in bank attitudes towards lending to clients.

The survey has proved very useful in identifying early on the shifts on the residential real estate market attributable to lending rule changes.

Results are available from this landing page.

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Business Survey

Each month I invite half of the 31,000 subscribers to my weekly Tony’s View publication to give their insights into conditions in their particular sector. From March 2023 I also invite more specific insights regarding areas of concern, plans for increased or decreased spending in selected areas, staffing, pricing, revenue, and staff morale.

The survey provides coalface insights into business concerns and plans and will assist business operators as they face into frequent changes in their operating environments.

Results are available from this landing page.