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The weekly Tony’s View publication is free and usually runs to eight pages. People can sign up from the link on the front page of this website.

But each week I write considerably more material than can fit into this publication and the main article from Tony’s View plus this extra material is placed in a separate publication called Tview Premium.

This publication is suited to those wanting more detailed analysis of the economy but especially the residential property market. It contains regional analysis of survey results in particular, and special graphs which show shifts in bank fixed rate lending margins. These can give insight into the pressures rates may be under to go up or down.

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Full housing analysis and commentary

Each week the new developments affecting housing markets will be examined in more detail than space will allow in Tony’s View, placing them in the context of the long-term underlying fundamentals too often forgotten amidst fresh news developments. The availability of more space allows more graphical analysis and more statistical series to be considered.

Detailed analysis of survey results

Three of my five monthly surveys can have their data broken down to the level of all bar the smallest regions. I examine insights from real estate agents which are specific to their regions and can give data from the Spending Plans which can indicate retail spending pressures also at the regional level.

The monthly survey of residential property investors can identify variations in how investors view the market between regions. Some regional housing results can also be gleaned from the monthly Spending Plans Survey.

For some of the surveys respondents pen their thoughts in a few sentences of what is happening in their location. I reprint selections of these responses at the regional level where possible so that the data insights can be better put in a local context.

Interest rates

To assist home buyers, people with fixed rates coming up for renewal, and mortgage brokers, deeper consideration will be undertaken of the options facing mortgage borrowers with more analysis of rate changes over time.

Tony Alexander

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The cost of a 12-month subscription to Tview Premium is $150.

To sign up you can pay via POLi, PayPal (you don’t need to sign up to PayPal to use their service), or by direct debit (email me for details).

Tview Premium is the intellectual property of Tony Alexander. By subscribing to Tview Premium you agree not to distribute the publication to any other person or organisation, or to republish in any form either in whole or in part.

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